Nairobi, Kenya
Meet Brian
Owner of ‘Beijing Restaurant’ chain

Africa has emerged as one of the territories with the greatest potential for delivery in recent times and more and more couriers, like Brian, are joining platforms such as Glovo.

"I worked very hard as a rider at Glovo in different periods between 2018 and 2021. They were intense days in which, whenever I could, I would go out to deliver at times between 10 am and 12 am"

His goal was always to set up his own business and today, Brian has just opened his third restaurant on the streets of Nairobi.

"In 2019 I set up my first restaurant called 'Beijing' located near the GreenHouse Mall, six months later I opened my second one in Westlands Commercial Centre and recently the third one in Ole- Sangale Link Road at Siwaka Plaza"

In this chain of three establishments, Brian, with the help of his chefs, prepares typical Kenyan dishes but in the style of Chinese cuisine, "we use ingredients such as carrot, broccoli, fried beans, bok choy, rice or chicken. At 'Beijing restaurant' you will always find a wide variety of dishes, he says with a laugh.

Brian dreams high, and this has led him to become a reference in his local community, and proof of this is the event that, together with Glovo, he organized in December 2021 from his home to share his experiences of entrepreneurship with his fellow couriers in the area. And despite its successes, Brian is still working as a courier,

“I feel good working as a courier, which is why I am still delivering today. And as a partner, I want to continue to be part of Glovo because thanks to it, the orders arrive daily on their own via the app without me having to sit in the restaurant”

“To partner is all about understanding Glovo and you as a restaurant. That means that I, as a restaurant, and they, as an app, can collaborate together. I partner with them, I listen to them, they listen to me”.

Rooting for couriers' growth

During the years since then, Glovo has introduced initiatives that empower couriers to develop their professional skills.

The digital learning platform G-Learning offers free access to online courses and Busuu connects couriers to the world's languages. Entrepreneur Bootcamps were held in Kenya, guiding couriers on their first steps as business owners.

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