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Book Slots, Make More Money

8th December 2022 · 2'

Everyone wants to make more money wherever they are so as to meet some need they may have and this is normal. Working smart is always advisable and at Glovo we encourage couriers to work well and work smart so as to be able to have maximum earnings on the platform.
How can you work smart / make more money on the app as a Glovo courier?
Be constant and book the slots that you know you can collaborate on. Book slots that you are sure you will be able to show up for so as to avoid denying fellow couriers a chance to work.
In case of an emergency, use the available tools that you have such as Courier SOS or vehicle breakdown in case of a vehicle issue. However also be advised that abuse of these tools is also unfair to other couriers and yourself as it affects your consistency in collaborating.
Be responsible and careful with the orders you pick and carry. We advise couriers to deliver the orders as fast as possible so that they can get other orders but we also encourage couriers to be efficient and also to keep safe.
Glovo couriers are currently making more money now than before and we have the numbers to prove it. Please see a summary of the steps you can take to ensure you make as much money as possible when collaborating with Glovo:
– Avoid reassigning orders.
– Make sure you have all the materials to start working (Closed shoes/ riding boots, glovo reflector (free in the office) or jacket, bag pack, your driving license and motorbike insurance where applicable and be well groomed…)
– Do the check in on time in your designated zone and have full battery in your mobile phone
– Be careful on the coverage areas and don’t leave them to avoid automatic kickouts
– Make sure you’re in a busy area or close to a mall to have more chances to get orders.
– Ensure to make cash remittance on time using Ipay
– Serve customers with a smile and be polite to receive positive reviews
– Collaborate on days when there is high demand to maximise on orders

The above actions will improve earnings as the excellence score will improve and thus improve your available slot selection.
Try it!