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Excellence Score Demystified

8th December 2022 · 4'

Johnny was checking his excellence score on Monday and he realized that his score had dropped by 4 points. He knew he’d shown up for the majority of his slots and he didn’t understand why it had dropped. He went to the Glover Center and learnt the factors affecting the excellence score. These are:

No show
This measures how often a courier fails to check in for a reserved slot. Keep in mind that if you book a slot and do not show up, you’re taking the opportunity from other couriers who could have been connected during this time.

The no shows affect a courier especially when he/she abuses this . In instances where a courier is always booking slots and not showing up for the slots, then the courier’s excellence score is adversely affected. The other things that affect the no-show rate for a courier are:

Late check-ins: is impacted by the number of late check-ins a courier has. This is because excessive late check-in results in a penalty of red slots (kickouts) which affects the courier’s no-show score.

Out of zone: when couriers make deliveries out of zone it results in an automatic kick out and couriers usually receive a text message / notification informing them they are out of zone.
We advise couriers to chat support for orders that may end up being out of zone so as to avoid such kickouts which=ch impact the courier’s negatively.

Couriers can freely book and unbook slots in their calendar. The reliability rate assesses how often couriers unbook slots that they had booked before. This means that if a courier books a slot, he has until 24 hours to the beginning of the slot to unbook it. Unbookings that are less than 24 hours to the beginning of a slot lead to a drop in the couriers’ reliability score.

What about emergencies? We appreciate that emergencies happen, and obviously, when they happen, you have to sort them out. However, we also know that ideally, emergencies should not happen every day. If the unbookings happen only rarely, then this should not have a big impact on your reliability score.

Couriers can accept and receive orders coming in. The Excellence Score considers the number of accepted and rejected orders from the courier. The difference is divided by the number of orders the courier has been offered.
This means the number of reassignments that a courier has also affects the excellence score.
We encourage couriers to minimize the reassignments so as to avoid affecting the excellence score.

High demand slots
Measures how many high demand slots the courier has been connected to compared to the total number of high demand slots available in the city. High demand slots are marked with a diamond in the calendar.

Customer Reviews
It considers the number of negative and positive reviews that the courier receives from customers. The difference is divided by the number of orders the courier delivered.

Measures the total number of orders delivered by the couriers in the last 28 days in which they had at least 1 slot in the day.This is also affected by low battery. This affects a courier because this means despite a courier being online, the courier cannot be assigned an order as the phone may possibly go off in the middle of the order, hence inconveniencing the courier, the store and the customer. The courier is therefore not eligible to receive any orders when the phone battery is low. This means that they will be connected with no orders, hence getting a low Contribution Score.
Kindly ensure the phone charge is above 30% and if possible invest in a power bank.

Johnny remembered he had checked in late for 2 weeks and this is what has affected his score. He will now work on ensuring he checks in on time.

Which of the above issues are affecting you in regard to the excellence score?