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Free learning platform for couriers

11th December 2023 · 2'




What’s your next career step? To help you grow professionally and personally, G-Learning is now available as a digital platform. Couriers can access online courses and training programs for free!


Courses and training for professional development


G-Learning offers access to a range of knowledge. Couriers can take their Excel skills to the next level or learn business basics. Want to learn a new language? You’ll find it there too. 

These are the main categories:

– Positive leadership

– Management and teams

– Well-being and safety

– Productivity 

– Business development

– Communication and languages

– Personal skills

– Digital skills

Couriers will also be able to see Glovo Content. You can refresh your knowledge on how to use the app, road safety videos, setting up virtual focus groups and webinars and much more!


The best new courses are added regularly.


How to use G-Learning

To access the courses you need to:

Click on the link: https://g-learning.foxizecloud.com. 

 – Login with the same email you use for your Glovo account. That’s it! You’re ready to go


Visit G-Learning https://g-learning.foxizecloud.com/For free and without hidden costs

You can use G-Learning for free as long as you’re a courier using the Glovo App. Join as many courses, webinars or focus groups as you like!


Visit G-Learning: https://g-learning.foxizecloud.com/login