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Redcross Training on First Aid – Fainting

28th September 2023 · 1'

What is First Aid ?
The immediate help given to a casualty after an injury or sudden illness using available resources before handing over to a medically trained person or hospital.


This is a brief and sudden loss of consciousness normally caused by temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain. This can occur suddenly and unexpectedly.

Signs and symptoms are;

Paleness of the skin
Complaint of “spinning sensation”, lightheadedness, dizziness
Cold and clammy skin
Rapid and shallow breathing

When providing first aid for fainting, it is important to follow a few key steps.

Move the casualty to a well ventilated area.
Lay the casualty on their back and elevate the legs. (Lift above the level of the heart)
Loosen any tight clothing or accessories, such as belts or ties, to allow for better circulation.