Safety for you and others

As you know, our users (couriers, partners and customers) are what’s most important to us. That’s why at Glovo we have taken the following measures in line with recommendations from the Ministry of Health. It’s important that you take these into account when delivering orders!

Contactless delivery:

To guarantee both your health and that of the client, we recommend you follow these steps:

1. Keep a minimum safety distance of at least one metre at all times during the collaboration, and wear a mask and gloves if possible.

2. When in the partner store, make sure that bags are well closed and are placed on top of a specific surface to avoid contact.

3. When you arrive at the customer’s house, leave the order in front of the door, ring the bell and leave. To avoid contact, we’ve disabled customer signatures. To see this new change, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Hygiene and preventative measures:

According to what’s been published by the Ministry of Health, we want to share information and advice with you to minimise the risks as much as possible. We recommend you pay special attention when handling cash. Using gloves, alcohol disinfectant and washing your hands regularly are a great measures to take. Read all of the preventative measures in this article.

Economic support for those affected:

We believe that the couriers’ health is what’s most important. For that reason, we will be giving economic support to couriers who are diagnosed with COVID-19 during the two week recovery period that’s medically required. We will need the official diagnosis, and this scheme will be valid from the today’s date until the 29th of March. If you find yourself in this situation, get in touch with us via our support chat and we will inform you on the next steps

Glovo is still open in the majority of cities. In the event of us taking the measure to temporarily close your city, we will notify you both via email and in the app.