Little sunshines!

André Samagaio, Porto: “A child from a house to which I delivered an order asked me if I could ... Read more stick his drawing in my backpack. He told me that everything’s going to be okay.”

Glovo bags around

Cool street view in Almeria, where Glovo bags are the protagonists!

Chocolate is always a good idea

Second gift that Javier receives form a user! This time, from a swiss client in Barceloneta, which ... Read more gave him 2 chocolate tablets! By far the sweetest delivery!

You are great!

“Dymitro, thanks to you, today we are happier. Take care and courage for you!” This is ... Read more the beautiful note Dymitro received after delivering an order in Ibiza.

Love over passing barriers

I had to deliver a birthday gift to a girl from her boyfriend. They couldn’t see each other ... Read more because of the quarantine. It was very nice! -Adriel Gomez

Thank You, Glover!

A woman and her son arrived from Brazil and were stranded in total quarantine without food or supplies, ... Read more not able to leave the apartment. I’m their connection with the outside world. – Alejandra Ciotta

Recognizing Glovers

In the line to enter the supermarket a lady came up and gave me a medical mask. I had my own, but ... Read more she told me to keep it for later. It was very sweet, not everyone does that. – Nelson Díaz

Helping in Costa Rica

I went to give an eye treatment to an older adult who was unable to leave his home. This is me doing ... Read more my bit to face this pandemic. Thank you for allowing me to help others! Jose Aguirre Sánchez

Supportive messages

A boy gave me this message after I deliverd his groceries. – Gabriel sosa

Stay home, for you and all

Working so that people do not leave their homes. STAY AT HOME! – Frank castillo

Excellent way to keep fit

Glovo cubicle is a rescue bag. I’m a world-class master of sports in cycling. Since fitness center ... Read more got closed, Glovo allowed us to make good money, help people, and keep fit by rolling 40 km a day. 😉

Alternative ways to face this Quarantine from Kazakstan

I am a multiple champion and medalist of the RK in track-and-field athletics. Due to ongoing quarantine, ... Read more main job was halted, so my wife and I decided to be in Glovo to keep fit and make earnings.

Graffitis in Tbilisi Georgia

Stay at home, your order is on its way! Glover capturing the graffiti about superhero glovers

We are all in this!

Happy to be a part of this process and making others life bit easier during this hard time.

Glovers in Georgia

Delivering for those, who needs it the most! supporting catharsis beneficiaries

A smile is always a good idea

As for safety and masks our smile is not showing, our yellow backpack is smiling for us!

Good one!

Plan B! In case masks won’t be available, I can continue Glovering 🚀

Real Glovers always find a way ;)

it rains, no cars they said. soo… real glover always find a way! Me scrolling glovoapp on new transport🛵🤗

All set, let’s start delivering!

Everyone needs their safety kits 😀🚘

Motivation Always from Georgia

Its been super cold out there, but smiling faces of customers and their wIshes “stay healthy” ... Read more “be safe” motivates and warms me

Safety first in Ukraine as well

Protective mask and hand sanitizer. Health and safety come first!

Committed Glovers in Ukraine

Protecting your own life is a top priority. Let’s not forget about good vibes and kindness as well!

Glovers to the rescue!

Sharing with you the last order I had today. We are with you, stay home please!

Solidarity is what makes us great

I was so happy today to help an old man buy food and feed the birds during these hard times

Please stay Home

We work hard so people can stay home. Please stay home !

From Morocco with responsability

Taking all the precaution to better serve the community

Teaching with example

Every time I wear gloves and a mask and I take care of my health! Do the same as me!

Yes, sir!

We’re here for you! 😉

After the storm comes the calm

Although we’re going through a dark period, somewhere in the distance you can see the light, the hope that #everythingwillbeok

Well protected!

My first day as a glover!

Taking this mission seriously

This image represents the fact that although we, the glovers, have families and we are worried, we ... Read more still go out to deliver and help the clients who need us. The greatest soul satisfaction!

Heroes without cape!

While trying to reach the 10th floor by elevator, where my client lives, I got stuck in the elevator ... Read more on the 2nd floor. I managed to get out with all the shopping through a very narrow space. The customer was happy that everything was OK and no product was damaged.

Never losing the sense of humor!

I received an order to buy a teddy bear from Jumbo and I put the bear on the driver’s right ... Read more seat. Until the delivery point I was stopped 3 times by the police and each of the policemen joked about the bear, asking me if he had permission to be out. It was my most unique delivery.

Heroes in Yellow!

Late in the evening, on April 18, with fulfillment in my soul, tears and sweat, after a long day, ... Read more when brought joy to many Christian believers, doing the necessary shopping.

Flowers in Romania as well

Although we’re facing a pandemic in full swing, people have not forgotten the people they love ... Read more and have given them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Very nice!

Empty parks for our safety!

This is an image from Herastrau Park, the largest park in Bucharest. I was waiting to pick up an order. ... Read more What impressed me was that despite the beautiful weather outside the park was empty, which happens extremely rarely.

Go Glovers!

With good music and a desire to work, deliveries are made by magic. Customer satisfaction and a smile is what gives me energy and strength.

No words <3

A simple and sincere “Thank you!” for all the beautiful moments that I have no words to express.

Safety First from Romania

Heroes to the end! Well branded 😉

From the mall!

Even if the mall is closed, the heroes still deliver from the mall!

Go, Go, Go, Glovers!

Effort, dedication and responsibility when delivering each order!

Tips ;)

I received a tip from one of my clients: coins wrapped and disinfected.

Nature will be recharged, so do us

We will soon be able to go out in nature again.

Indeed, everything will be OK!

I happily delivered all the orders and my motto is: “Everything will be OK!” I’m ... Read more happy that I could help people and I will keep doing it!

Taking care of all

Safety and health first!

Delivering with full responsability in Kenya

“Here we are, glovers, practicing social distancing as directed by the government. As a mandate, ... Read more we all have our sanitizers with us including masks. Happy to be part of this noble cause while delivering orders.” Maxwell

Peace, Love and Fraternity during these days

“Let’s make deliveries during these hard times a priority. Treat everybody as part of ... Read more our family and serve with love and not forgetting to pray.” George Nthenge

Super Heroes hanging around our daily lives

“On a rainy day I had a to deliver a package with medicine to a very sick patient. The client ... Read more called me telling me: “Son, your speed will save a life today!”. So I delivered the order in 20 minutes and was happy to save a life.” Chris Suji

Santa who?

“When kids see me, they shout <Mama, look, Glovo!> I think it’s because when arrive, ... Read more the atmosphere at home changes. This feels like as if I’m a Santa bringing joy to their house.” – says Erzhan.

New lives are born in hard times, and they are a joy!

Alexander picked up products from a different store. It was everything regarding feeding a newborn ... Read more baby. The customer gave a present and said that her newborn baby received everything thanks to him.

When famous people use Glovo 😃

Burybay: “Working as a courier brought me back to life. I love its unpredictability. I have ... Read more met Comedy Club’s and Youtube’s popular guys. You’re always meeting new people and it’s a healthy lifestyle.”

During difficult times, creativity arises!

Bakhytzhan brought medicine to a girl. As a ‘thank you’ her mother gave him a mask she made herself.

Empty Streets, but yellow riders ready in Georgia ;)

It’s very meaningful that people really appreciate our hard work and to realize that you are ... Read more needed. As long as you have that feeling, you have a mission 🛵 – Said our Super Courier Nika Gogua during his interview.

Every one ready to fight Covid-19!

Safety first! Gloves, masks, clean bag. Let’s start delivering for my city: Kutaisi.

Well recognized Glovers in Tbilisi <3

In my country, a lot of people respect our job. Not only from customers, but we’re also receiving a lot of thank you messages from partners too. This is one of them – “GLOVO WE LOVE YOU”. This gives me motivation not to stop and to continue being a Glover 💛

Kevin Maina in Nirobi

Chilling out awaiting the next order, doing my best to make sure there are minimal people in the streets ... Read more to reduce the spread of the virus, Appreciation from the customers gives me hope to continue with this great job.- Kevin Maina

Grateful messages

José Millán in Palma de Mallorca says “What else can you ask for while delivering an order ... Read more to the client? I’m so happy to feel so valued”. Note: “Thanks Glovo”.

Glovers from Poland

Valerii Pozniakov – Warsaw “The weather is beautiful, but people are forced to stay at ... Read more home. That’s okay, we’ll deliver everything they need to them :)”

Happy Glovers!

I am happy. Everyone to whom I has distributed orders have thanked me very much. That prompts me to continue! – Fernando garcia

Guatemala riders!

Lining up in a supermarket to take the order for the customer, so that he doesn’t leave the ... Read more house. Happy to help! – Meyvelin Rivera

Customers showing care in Panama!

Message from a grateful customer 🙂 – William Duran

Empty Streets in Guatemala

Guatemala without cars – Kelvin Edison Mejia Villalobos

Helping is the key!

I feel important in this pandemic because I can help other people. – Noel Mendoza

Tips in Guatemala!

Appreciation of people who value our efforts during these days. – Anderson González

Ukranians ready!

Be sure to wear a mask and gloves!

Appreciation of customers in Croatia

A message and a tip from a grateful customer: “This is your tip (disinfected with alcohol). Thank you!”


Jorge Ferreira, Coimbra: A customer left this beautiful message to the courier: “Thank you for ... Read more your courage and disposition to bring things for the ones that cannot leave the house”

Tips to motivate!

Bruno Monteiro, Porto: “A client gave me a special tip for delivering something important to her during these hard times.”

Love and books!

Javier Bazán – Barcelona Javier delivered an order to this marvelous couple, Florence y Miquel, ... Read more who were really kind. They gave him a coffee and a book written by Miquel!

More birthdays during Covid19!

Manuel Jesús – Jerez Manuel, through this video, explains a tender story of him delivering ... Read more a birthday cake from a granddaughter to her grandma. He will never forget it!

Good vibes, always!

Ane Infante – San Sebastián Ane shows us how she is motivated during her deliveries, while ... Read more always using safety measures. She keeps receiving inspiring messages from clients!

More thank you notes!

Alejandro Garcia – Gijón He received a note from the client, together with a tip. The note ... Read more says “This is for you. Thanks for helping us during the quarantine.” We’ve disinfected the ticket.

Glovo used by all generations in Spain!

Diego – Sevilla “I helped an old lady with her shopping at a supermarket and explained ... Read more to her how to use Glovo. The next day, I delivered an order and it was her opening the door. It was amazing”.

Support and caring notes from Spain!

Elizabeth Arias García – Zaragoza This letter was outside the client’s door with a drink. ... Read more “We didn’t touch anything without gloves. The drawing was done by my daughter, who ordered the pizza.”

Notes that fill the heart!

Francisco Gargioli, Milan: “This little note made me cry. You can’t understand the joy ... Read more I felt at that moment. This made me feel like I was also contributing to the fight against this virus 😊”.

Portugal following rules!

Victor de Souza, Porto: Delivering and following the safety instructions: 1 meter distance from everyone at McDonald’s in Porto.

From Poland!

Oleh Pashko, Wrocław: “Delivering food to the local hospitals”.

Ready, Set, Go!

With my driving permit sticked on my backpack, ready to deliver! – Jesús Camacho

Glovers all around!

A very satisfied customer with the service provided. He was so grateful that he decided to take a ... Read more photo with me and asked me to send it to him via WhatsApp 🙂 – Francisco

From Honduras in Central America

The client was very grateful to me, he told me to always fight and to be very careful during this ... Read more time. He gave me a generous tip. It was a very special delivery for me. – Félix Yaxón

Notes with blessings from Guatemala!

A lady gave me this as a gift. Its a note with a blessing. I was super happy. It made my day – Abner Estrada

Pizza for the heroes in Argentina!

Lending a helping hand to those who care for us: the hospital team! – Guillermo Toranzo.

Zagreb empty!

This courier is delivering after an earthquake and during Corona. The city is empty. He is very brave!

Messages that fill with energy!

Here’s one those customer’s messages which will definitely boost Glover’s morale very high!

Good vibe messages through the balcony!

Alexandro Alejos – Valencia Alexandro received a message of encouragement from some people on ... Read more their balcony. They screamed “A big applause for this courier, hurray for him!”

Good people around the world. This time from Ivory Coast!

The customer tipped the Glover with a 10-euro bank note to encourage him!

Famous people also supporting Glovers, cheers!

Next to this Glover, you can see ”Joel”, a very famous comedian in Cote d’Ivoire. ... Read more He agreed to take a picture with the Glover to show his support to the Glover.

Because we are all in this! thanks to those Partners that help Glovers ;)

Daniel Polini – Tenerife “The client that I delivered the order owns a Pharmacy and gave ... Read more me this hygiene gel as a gift. I feel so grateful!”

Now is the moment to come back and help others. From Italy with courage!

Matteo Panina Sergi, Genova-Italy: “It was my first delivery in 2 years. When I opened my bag ... Read more I found an astronaut helmet in it! I had delivered the order with it! You should have seen the customer’s face!”

Every flower blooms in its own time. From Lisbon!

Teresa Rosas, Lisboa: “In such a difficult time, carrying a bouquet of flowers in your backpack has an even more special meaning.”

Who said it was sad to celebrate birthday during Covid-19? From Poland with love

Rafał Puchała, Kraków: “Young Antek had his birthday during this period. His relatives wanted ... Read more to make it memorable, so they ordered a Glovo to deliver his gift! He was very happy :)”.

Empty streets in Abidjan

The street is empty! Only this Glover out, to serve customers as they stay at home in quarantine. Glovers save customers lives in here!

Generosity at its best- In Costa Rica

I loved leaving this donation for low-income children. A client used Glovo to send it. – Sergio ... Read more Rodríguez. Caring and being generous is key during these times.

From Guatemala, Central America

Prevention is also my responsibility – Elmer Monterroza. Always keeping the correct safety measures.

Messages that shows generosity and gratitude

Tip and message that fills me with optimism: “Thank you for providing us this service during ... Read more these tough times, take care!”. Together we’ll overcome this crisis. Happy to be part of this company that helps so many people by delivering food, medicine, etc. – Roger Venegas

Customers supporting Glovers!

A courier in Madrid, received a tip after delivering an order with this sweet message! “Leave ... Read more the order in the floor, many thanks!” Customers know the importance of their effort!

A good message is always motivating!

Happy and grateful customers leaving this message to a courier in Madrid after delivering an order:)

Glover in Zagreb Croatia about to go deliver!

Glover is ready for another day collaborating: “Gloves, masks and hygiene maintenance are essential ... Read more these days, for our safety, and that of the customer.”

All in this together!

Glover Specialist and glover, when this had just started, getting ready with all the safety measures to start delivering.

Conscious messages from Glovers

Less people walking down the streets means less chance of the virus spreading. This glover is committed ... Read more to encouraging customers to stay home: “I’m outside working for you, you stay indoors for me.”

Glovers on TV

TV knows about your great efforts and some of you have been interviewed on how Glovo is helping businesses ... Read more to stay alive during this crisis. Are you the new rock stars?

In Bucharest-Romania, we have seen a superman!

There are heroes out there, and if you doubt it, please check this: “You stay at home, I’ll ... Read more bring you your food”. Superman to the rescue!

From crowded, to empty!

Do you see this street? It used to be very crowded. But now it’s empty, and only glovers are ... Read more in photographers’ lenses.  This is in Tbilisi- Georgia.

Health bus initiative in Georgia

“By taking care of each, other we’ll defeat Corona”. That’s the message we ... Read more must spread! Glovers are having health checks in clinic buses, so they can be ready and healthy to deliver to your home.

Committed Glover in Georgia!

“I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us #stopcovid-19 #stayathome “