Terms and conditions

Referrer: A person with a courier profile on the Glovo app that shares their personal link with other people.

Referred Person: A person without a courier profile on the Glovo app that signs up to it using the Referrer’s unique personal link.

  • When the Referrer refers someone, they might be eligible to receive money for everyone that uses their personal code and signs up through the associated link. In some cases the Referred Person will also be eligible.

  • To be eligible to receive the money, the Referred Person will have to complete a certain number of deliveries within a set period of time from their profile being activated and use a certain type of vehicle.

  • The amount of money that the Referrer/Referred Person gets will depend on the city in which the Referred Person registers and the vehicle they use.

  • The amount of money will be confirmed when the Referred Person’s sign-up request is received.

  • The amount is subject to change at any time and with no need to give a prior warning.

  • The Referred Person needs to register with the Glovo platform through the Referrer’s personal link to be eligible to receive the money.

  • If the Referred Person signs up again through the website http://couriers.glovoapp.com/ after having signed up through the Referrer’s personal link, they will both cease to be eligible.

  • The Referred Person should not have or have had an active courier profile on Glovo.

  • If the Referrer and Referred person do not comply with these terms and conditions, neither of them will be eligible to receive the money. The same will be true if this program is abused in any way.

  • Glovo reserves the right to change the amounts, applicable conditions and the present terms and conditions at any time without prior warning.

  • If the conditions are met, the Referred Person and Referrer will be notified via the app.

  • In some cases, only the Referrer will be eligible to receive the money.