The Story of Serhij Siedykh
Life before the war

The first thing 37-year old Serhij told us about is Podil, “Podil is the historical district of Kyiv where the oldest university of Europe is located, it is full of cosy coffee shops, bars, and clubs. With melancholy in his words, he admitted he does not like thinking about the future, and just wants to enjoy the present. “I didn’t make plans, I just dreamed I guess”, but now life has stopped for a while. The war has engulfed every little thing and you can find happiness in the simple moments”.

This is how war found Serhij on February 24th.

“I found out the very first morning in the middle of my morning coffee when the courier app displayed the message “work temporarily suspended”.

Customers with smiles give him hope

He explains that his mom is at the place of registration in another city while he remains in Kyiv. “Since Glovo resumed its activity in the city, the feeling every morning is like stepping into the unknown, however, I know that the road will be mastered by the walking one (himself as he delivers by walk).

Serhij talks a lot about how people react when receiving their orders, "joy, smiles, and words of gratitude for not leaving them behind. People are glad that they don’t have to go in search of what they need, in fact, people are very surprised that deliveries keep on running, something that brings optimism to their faces”.

Thanks to all couriers in Ukraine

Yurii, Sergey, Serhij, Bogdan & Oleksiy are five out of many couriers in Ukraine who, on a daily basis, bring hope to those who open the doors of their homes or wait for them in metro stations to get their medicines. Today we get to know them a little closer, in their most personal side, like the city eyes that never stop looking.

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