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Do you want to set your own schedule and connect when it suits you? Get paid for delivering orders with the Glovo Courier App.

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What can you expect from using the app?
Earn money your way
Your earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account weekly.
You set up your schedule at your convenience. Deliver whenever you want - if it's for one hour, a weekend or every 2 weeks.
Advanced insurance package
You're protected by Qover when delivering. Having an insurance backing you off gives you the peace of mind you deserve.
What's needed from you...
18 years or older
You need a vehicle
You need a valid identification (e.g. Rider card)
How to get started
Fill in the form
You can register using the form. The documents and photo submitted will be verified.
Log in
After your registration has been approved, you can download the Courier App and start using it.
Deliver orders
A tutorial will show you how to use the app and prepare for the first order.
Get to know couriers
Sebby Ekanem
Glovo is a place I'll stick around for a long time. I get the tools and support from them that makes delivering problem free. Glovo truly cares about us as we have community meetings to express our feelings and talk about our challenges
Ajayi Ajewole
I like the way Glovo operates. The way they handle riders is very nice! I always get support very quickly, they never let me down. Besides, I'm happy with the earnings
Frequent questions

You need to be at least 18 years old, hold a valid work permit and have a smartphone (iOS or Android) to start delivering. No delivery experience needed!

Other compulsory permits and insurances may be needed depending on whether you want to deliver by car, scooter, bicycle, or by foot.

It typically takes no more than 30 minutes to complete the registration form and upload the documents.

After you register, your profile will be validated for security reasons. If you are verified, you are ready to get your material and download the Courier App.

Your earnings will be transferred to the bank account you provided when you registered in Glovo.

At the beginning of a billing period, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account. The transfer might take up to 2 to 3 business days to process depending on your bank account.

Being a delivery driver with Glovo makes you experience the freedom to be in charge of your own decisions You can set your schedule and deliver when it suits you. Whether it's one hour a day, only on weekends, or 6 days a week; you decide.

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