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9th December 2022 · 3'

In Glovo Nigeria, we use a third-party merchant(Paystack), to clear your cash balance; ‘.

To clear your cash balance, you click on this link; Paystack Link  and follow the process. 

We have noticed mistakes couriers make , that lead to transaction not being successful. This means your cash balance wouldn’t be cleared. 

Here are a couple of mistakes we have noticed, and you need to watch out for;

  • Fill in your details here correctly.


    • Do make sure that you fill in the correct email address.
    • E.g. ola@gmail.com (✅). ola@gmail.con(❌) or ola@gmial.com (❌)
    • Make sure you fill in your courier Id right ,do mix up the numbers.
  • Fill in your card details here correctly. 

  • Try the different payments method available, one option not being available shouldn’t stop you from working.

  • Make sure to click on ‘I have sent the money’ after making a transfer. 

  • Do not save the account number generated by Paystack after you make the transfer.
    • This is not a Glovo account. 
    • The account changes every 30 mins. Make sure to regenerate another account number if you haven’t made transfers after 30 mins.
  • Ensure that the amount stated here (Image 1) is the same amount you transfer when you make payment. If you decide to change the amount , kindly go back to here, change the amount , then make a transfer.


  • If you decide to use a POS , kindly request that the transfer to made to your account , then make the transfer from your bank.

Keep these in mind , and you would have seamless payment experience.