Improving the experience

Tips to make the most out of your experience using Glovo

Before starting

It’s always better to book your hours consciously. If you booked a slot and you’re not going to be able to connect at that hour, it’s important to unbook it as early as possible since unbooking late affects other couriers which might want to connect at that time.

Connecting to the app in high demand hours, such as lunch & dinner on weekends, maximise the couriers’ experience: more orders & better earnings.

  • Remember to check in up to 25 minutes before each block of hours you booked so the system knows you are ready to deliver.
  • When checking in, for security reasons, you might be asked to confirm your identity through a face recognition system.
  • If you get close to the top partners of your city when checking in, you’ll probably maximize the possibility of getting orders to deliver since customers tend to order a lot from them.

The more orders you deliver, the more experience you’ll get. With more experience, you’ll be able to make the most out of your time in Glovo.

If you know you won’t be able to deliver orders in a booked hour, it’s recommended that you unbook them as soon as you can. Other couriers with availability will appreciate having these new hours to book.

Clients can identify when the person from the picture is not the same as the one delivering their order so make sure your profile picture is updated on the app. Using someone else’s identity is illegal and considered fraud, accidents that might happen to people other than the account owner cannot be covered by insurance.

When delivering

Due to sanitary reasons and according to the legislation, it’s important that you make sure you wear a mask and protect yourself while using Glovo. It is also important to keep a safe distance while waiting at the partner’s pick up point, when delivering the order and while talking to other couriers or people. We want to make sure everyone is safe!

  • When you need help with something, select the right reason so we can solve the issue faster
  • We have thought thoroughly about the most effectives ways to solve your issues, this is why we ask you to preselect a reason, which will take you directly to the solution of the problem. Selecting the wrong reason might cause delay in solving the problem.

Safety is of utmost importance for us! It’s really important to comply with the law, respect the speed limits, always wear a seat belt or helmet when you’re driving, don’t skip the traffic signals, and avoid any sort of distraction.

If you have AA off, the system assumes that you don't want to get orders - and therefore you may not get connected to customers or partners on the platform.

Receiving orders can take time - so rejecting orders might make you not fully achieve your earning potential!

Not doing so could mean that not all products will be available and this can affect your cash balance, generate cancellations, unnecessary contacts and a bad customer experience from the partners and your customers.

Customers want to find everything they need, so we recommend you to check that the products you’re delivering match what the customer has ordered. If the bag is sealed, we recommend that you confirm with the partners that all products are inside the bag.

For grocery orders, we recommend that you perform them with the same dedication as if you were shopping for yourself. In case a given product is not available, you can contact the customer in order to swap the product or get instructions from him.

Tips come along with a good client experience, if you make sure your orders arrive to customers in good conditions you’ll probably increase the possibilities of being compensated by them!

Users and partners will rate your service after each delivery, if you are respectful and friendly, they will surely rate you well.

There are a lot of other recommendations that can make your life easier!

  • Using a digital map app such as Google Maps can make moving around the city a lot easier
  • Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in and drinking a lot of water will surely help you stay healthy and energised!
  • Keeping an eye on the Couriers’ website for more tips and explanations on how the Glovo app works can make your experience using it smoother.
  • Making sure your vehicle is in good condition is key to ensuring safety for yourself and others.
  • In some cities, cancellations should be taken to specific collection points, so we can return the items to their owners (customers or partners) - so be on the lookout for that!