Little sunshines!

André Samagaio, Porto: “A child from a house to which I delivered an order asked me if I could ... Read more stick his drawing in my backpack. He told me that everything’s going to be okay.”

Glovo bags around

Cool street view in Almeria, where Glovo bags are the protagonists!

Chocolate is always a good idea

Second gift that Javier receives form a user! This time, from a swiss client in Barceloneta, which ... Read more gave him 2 chocolate tablets! By far the sweetest delivery!

You are great!

“Dymitro, thanks to you, today we are happier. Take care and courage for you!” This is ... Read more the beautiful note Dymitro received after delivering an order in Ibiza.

Love over passing barriers

I had to deliver a birthday gift to a girl from her boyfriend. They couldn’t see each other ... Read more because of the quarantine. It was very nice! -Adriel Gomez

Thank You, Glover!

A woman and her son arrived from Brazil and were stranded in total quarantine without food or supplies, ... Read more not able to leave the apartment. I’m their connection with the outside world. – Alejandra Ciotta

Recognizing Glovers

In the line to enter the supermarket a lady came up and gave me a medical mask. I had my own, but ... Read more she told me to keep it for later. It was very sweet, not everyone does that. – Nelson Díaz

Helping in Costa Rica

I went to give an eye treatment to an older adult who was unable to leave his home. This is me doing ... Read more my bit to face this pandemic. Thank you for allowing me to help others! Jose Aguirre Sánchez

Supportive messages

A boy gave me this message after I deliverd his groceries. – Gabriel sosa

Stay home, for you and all

Working so that people do not leave their homes. STAY AT HOME! – Frank castillo

Excellent way to keep fit

Glovo cubicle is a rescue bag. I’m a world-class master of sports in cycling. Since fitness center ... Read more got closed, Glovo allowed us to make good money, help people, and keep fit by rolling 40 km a day. ?

Alternative ways to face this Quarantine from Kazakstan

I am a multiple champion and medalist of the RK in track-and-field athletics. Due to ongoing quarantine, ... Read more main job was halted, so my wife and I decided to be in Glovo to keep fit and make earnings.

Graffitis in Tbilisi Georgia

Stay at home, your order is on its way! Glover capturing the graffiti about superhero glovers

We are all in this!

Happy to be a part of this process and making others life bit easier during this hard time.

Glovers in Georgia

Delivering for those, who needs it the most! supporting catharsis beneficiaries

A smile is always a good idea

As for safety and masks our smile is not showing, our yellow backpack is smiling for us!

Good one!

Plan B! In case masks won’t be available, I can continue Glovering ?

Real Glovers always find a way ;)

it rains, no cars they said. soo… real glover always find a way! Me scrolling glovoapp on new transport??

All set, let’s start delivering!

Everyone needs their safety kits ??

Motivation Always from Georgia

Its been super cold out there, but smiling faces of customers and their wIshes “stay healthy” ... Read more “be safe” motivates and warms me