Standing up for each other: 3 couriers show courage

Each day, couriers get a glimpse behind the scenes of other strangers lives. They capture the heated atmosphere behind closed kitchen doors and catch a brief peek into the family homes.

Couriers are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of their city. And being admist the crowd, they find themselves in situation where courage can help other people's lives.

We talked to Youssef,Vasilije, and Zakaria, who thanks to their courage have shown that they are the everyday heroes of their cities.

Casablanca, Morocco
Meet Youssef
Lifesaver during delivery
Podgorica, Montenegro
Meet Vasilije
Donation appeal for his mother
Meknes, Morocco
Meet Zakaria El Fayk
Finder's Reward: Endless gratitude
Thank you for standing up

Courage requires one thing above all: Bravery. Bravery to face a challenging situation. We are proud to have couriers who stand up for their community and help out where they can. Thank you to Youssef,Vasilije, and Zakaria. Thank you to every single courier who steps in and won't turn a blind eye.

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