How to manage cash with Glovo orders

New system allow to pay in Cash and let you receive income every day

From now on customers can pay their products in cash. The money that you receive you will keep them in order to pay cash in some stores. You will have a balance of available money. This budget will go up and down depending on the events.For example, your cash balance will go up when you cash in on a daily basis.These money are an advance payment for the next payment, hopefully you like this new option.

We explain the cash balance, on daily and/or at the end of period basis you will receive income, we will explain in order to understand the whole process.

The cash balance

The cash balance is all the money received that you accumulate. This balance can go up or down. You will see the cash balance in your app. We advise you to keep this money in a separate wallet than yours. This balance can go up and down based on four events:

+INCREASE when you receive cash from a client.
+DECREASEwhen you pay in a store in cash
+DECREASE when you withdraw at the end of your daily slots an amount of cash that are going to be taken out from your next invoice.
+DECREASE when at the end of the invoice period part of the payment is paid in cash (you will notice in the invoice)

The daily rate (cash out) and at the end of the period

Every time you finish your hours at the end of the day, you can collect money through “daily withdrawal” enabled in your app. And this will be deducted from the next invoice. The same will happen at the end of the period of payment, but you will see the adjustment directly on your bill. We suggest to have some of your money on your pocket in case you need to give change and you still haven’t collected any money from customers during the slots of the day.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish. Furthermore, there will be sessions during these first few weeks to help you managing Cash. Also you can contact you Glover Specialist to schedule appointment for further clarification.

You can find a video that probably better explain the process from Glover point of view: