If you’re already a courier collaborating with Glovo, the best way to contact us is through the application. In your Profile in the app, you’ll see the option to “Contact Support”, which will take you to a list of options to select from. Each of these options – that are adapted depending on whether you have an ongoing order or not – has an established solution process behind it in order to quickly provide couriers with solutions.

If you have any doubts about what to select in what case, check out the detailed explanation for each option means and how you can optimise your interactions with Glovo below.

Accessible from you profile on the app

Unable to chceck in

Select this option only if you are not being able to check in before starting a slot that you had previously booked.

Not receiving orders

If you suspect that you’re having issues with your app and it’s preventing you from receiving orders.

Tip: remember that demand oscillates and the fact that you’re not receiving orders might have nothing to do with your app.

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GPS trouble

If you think none of the GPS option you have are working properly.

Tip: you can also directly read the article “GPS trouble” on this website.

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Blocked app

If you are having problems with your app.

Tip: you can also directly read the article “Blocked app” on this website.

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Ask for slots

This is an informational option, our support agents are not allowed to give you slots and won’t be able to book you hours.

Remove slots

In case you need to remove slots that are already locked.

Tip: remember that you can remove slots yourself for as long as the lock on the calendar is open.

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Red slots

If you see a red slot on your calendar and want to understand it or fix it

Tip: you can also read about red slots here.

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Office info

If you want to know if there’s an office in your city you can go to.

Tip: you can also check this information on this website in the section “Info of your city”.

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Stop collaboration

Select this option if you want to end your collaboration with Glovo permanently.


Select this reason if you have doubts or think there’s a mistake regarding your promos related to Rain, Rush, “Deliver more, earn more”, or any other type of promo.

Cash process

Select this option if you have doubts related to the cash processes (cash out, cash balance, etc.).


Select this option if you want more information about your invoices and payment, if you need an invoice to be resent or if you need to request adjustments on your invoice or related to a particular order.

Tip: you also have all the information about Cash and Invoices here on this website (section: Payments).

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Personal information

You can select this reason if you want to update any information related to your account (IBAN, email, password, picture, vehicle).


If you need more information about insurance

Tip: you can also understand how insurance works on this website, in the section called “Your safety”.

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Materials or card issues

Select this reason if you have any issues with your card or Glovo equipment (for example if you forgot your card PIN, lost the card or want to return your backpack).

Tip: if you have an Adyen card, you can reset the PIN yourself in your app by clicking on your profile > view card pin.

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Excellence score and referrals

If you want to know more about the excellence score and how to refer someone to collaborate with Glovo.

Tip: you also have all the information you need about the excellence score in this article and you can refer a friend through this link.

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You will only see these options if you are in the process of delivering an order.


Select this reason if you find yourself in a critical or dangerous situation. Our support agents will contact authorities if it’s the case to help you as soon as possible.

Vehicle breakdown

If you have issues with your vehicle that prevents you from delivering orders.

It’s raining

Select this reason if you want to inform our support team of adverse weather conditions.


If you cannot deliver an order assigned to you for whatever reason, you can reassign it.

Select this option if you have issues when picking up the products

Issues in the store

The store is closed, there’s no one there, if you can’t find the pick up address, or if you need to report a long wait at the store for the order to be ready.

Issues with the order

If the product ordered is not available, if the store did not receive the notification to start preparing the order, if someone else picked it up by mistake, if you need to change the type of order (from “Anything” to “Delivery express”), or if you were assigned an order too big for you to carry.

Issues with the payment

If the final price is different from what you see on the app, if you don’t have enough cash to pay for the order, if your card doesn’t work.

Issues with the staff in the pick up point

If the people in the store refuse to prepare the order or if they are rude to you.

Select this option you have issues when delivering the products

Customer issues

If the customer is not at the delivery point to receive the order, if the customer refuses to receive the order, or if you detect bad behaviour or suspect that the customer is a fraudster.

Payment issues

If there’s an issue with the card of the customer, if the customer doesn’t have enough cash to pay you, or if you don’t have enough change to give back to the customer.

Address issues

Select this reason if the delivery address is incomplete or wrong, outside of the delivery area or in a dangerous part of the city.

Customer requests

Select this option if you need to change the order after a request from a customer (example: change the delivery address, change the products, add comments to the order or cancel the order).

App problems during an order

Select this option if you’re experiencing issues with the app during an order. For example, if you can’t see the order details or upload the invoice, if you can’t finalise the order, if you’re having problems with the GPS or the app is blocked, or if you can’t contact the customer.

Only use this contact form if your account has been blocked and you can't use the app. Otherwise, please contact us through the app.