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Delivery Guru

An extra challenge for extra money

It's no replacement, simply an extra. Delivery Guru is a 3-month challenge to boost your earnings next to other challenges. Check your app to see if it's active.

As soon as Delivery Guru is active, you'll get all the details in the app! There you can sign up for the challenge

delivery gurĂº

Extra insurances

Giving you more than basic coverage

Qover and Chubb pay a one-off payment to new parents - at birth or adoption. This also covers stillbirths.

If you're in hospital due to an accident, the insurance will continue to cover your earnings for up to 5 days.

If you're ill, the insurance will continue to cover your earnings for up to 30 days.

In case you're involved in a tragic accident, you or your family will receive an emergency payout.

1. Visit the following page

2. Fill out requested details

3. Submit it

Free safety events

Organising regular safety events

Experts will show you tips and tricks to keep you safe on the road. Do you want to be part of the next safety event? Sign up for the waiting list

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Free online courses

Offering access to G-Learning

G-Learning is a learning platform where you can take online courses. For free! Already tried it?

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Reporting mistreatment

Addressing incidents while delivering

No one should be mistreated against because of gender, nationality or sexuality. Have you had any bad experiences? Please fill in your email address to report if you were treated badly while delivering. Remember to add any proof (e.g. police report) if possible.

If you have any app-related issues, please use the contact page to let us know.

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Clearer guidelines

Being open about account policies

It shouldn't be a secret why accounts could be blocked. Have you seen the video about it?

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