The waiting time at the pick-up point is calculated in intervals once you get to the pick-up zone (at least 100 metres from the store and the first five minutes of waiting are not paid). We start calculating as soon as you get within 100 metres of the store's location, and the timer stops when the first of these events happens:

  • When you leave the pick-up zone (if you leave the 100-metre radius around the store).
  • When you mark the order as ready in the application.

It's really important to use the "I picked up the products" button because once you press it, we'll understand that you're no longer waiting at the pick-up point and on your way to delivering to the customer.

For example:
if an order summary shows a 7-minute waiting time in the store, you will be paid for 2 minutes (the 7 minutes you waited minus the first 5 minutes, which don't count).

The number of km you have made in an order is automatically calculated by Google Maps:

The shortest route from the pick up point to the delivery point.

You will always be paid for the shortest route displayed by Google Maps, regardless of the route you take.

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