Glovo Community Guidelines for All Users

Glovo is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards consistent with our core values. Glovo impacts millions of people who have great experiences with the app every day. These positive interactions help to define who we are. The relationship between Glovo and the customers, couriers and partners (hereinafter “User” or “Users” indistinctly), and their use of the app Glovo is submitted to this Guidelines and it is an important component to achieving high performance in Glovo business.

Our Glovo Community Guidelines for All Users (hereinafter the “Guidelines”) are in harmony with Glovo Code of Ethics & Business Conducts and its co-related policies and procedures which set forth the standards practices that the Third Parties connected to Glovo businesses are required to uphold.

Glovo is committed to helping its Users to comply with these standards. For this purpose Glovo publishes in the website the Glovo Community Guidelines for All Users.

These Guidelines at a glance are built on the framework of Glovo’s core values: Gas, Good Vibes, Stay Humble, Care and Glownership. Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions as well as conduct our business with ethics and integrity. Each core value is supported by specific behaviors that we expect from Glovo Users also promote in their own businesses.

1.Use of the app

Glovo Users are conscious of their impact on the community and strive to minimize their negative impacts to preserve functioning of the app.

  • Laws

    Glovo Users shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

  • Fair usage
  • Glovo Users commit to use the app in a fair way, no abusing of it and or making profit of an unfair usage of the Glovo app.

2.Users interactions with other Parties

Glovo Users mobilize the power of teaming across organizational and geographical boundaries to deliver/buy/sell consistently exceptional products and services. They understand and comply with laws and regulations that apply to their business.

  • Comply with fair competition

    Glovo Users comply with fair competition wherever they do business. In particular, Glovo Users understand and comply with fair competition through the other Users and their usage of the app.

    In this way, Users don’t make actions that can be understood as an unfair competition with the other Users.

  • Commit with fair usage

    As told before, Users are committed with a fair use of the app. In this way, they are also committed to not abuse of the app functionalities, abuse that reflects a damage for all the Users of the Glovo Community.

3.Tolerance for Platform Use

Glovo Users understand as an abusive behaviour any action with the intention to get a benefit within the app, making damage to other Users, exploiting the features that the app has.

Notwithstanding of this, here are some examples of abusive behaviour:

  • Abusive booking and unbooking of hours

    Glovo Users know that if they abuse the feature in the app which gives them the possibility to freely choose the hours of use, they are damaging other Users that would see their own use of the app affected.

  • Abusive reassignments or cancellations

    Glovo Users know that if they reassign or cancel orders abusively, they are affecting the experience in the app of the other Users.

  • Product prices

    Glovo Users understand that, when they sell products, they have to keep the prices updated, and that not making that creates a damage to the other Users.

  • Missing products

    Glovo Users know that they have to keep all the products asked in the order, and that if there’s a missing one, they have to notify the other Users implied.

  • Irregular products

    Glovo Users know that selling, transporting or buying products that are irregular or illegal is an abusive behaviour, since Glovo is committed to not encourage Glovo Users to practice irregularities through the app for it, Glovo warns that if some irregularity is being committed through your Identification Account Glovo reserves the right to block, suspend and denounce the act to local authorities which penalties by law may be implied.


Since Glovo is committed with its Users, and want all of them to have a great experience using the app, Glovo may take actions in order to asure the comply with the Guidelines.

In this way, if Glovo detects or is noticed by an User that another User is making an abusive use of the app or having an abusive behaviour, Glovo may disable the abusive User account.

The Parties hereby is informed that the Party may be rated by the other Parties. The score system is primarily and essentially intended as a way of community environment use when using the Glovo App. Glovo may decide to use the score system for the platform purposes. In order to keep the transparency of Glovo terms and conditions, Glovo will always inform in a publicity way the main parameters determined the rank and the reasons for the relative importance of those main parameters as opposed to other parameters, as well as any changes regarding the score system. For those which use Glovo through Third-Party Logistic Services (“the Contractor”), the Contractor will inform the Couriers about the score system and related information.


Any report of an unfair use must be made to Glovo, please report to us by email, where you may report your good faith concern.

Glovo treats all allegations seriously and in strict confidence. Depending on the nature and circumstances of the allegation, Glovo may seek to work – if and when appropriate – with the Users and other affected Parties in order to reach a proper and timely resolution.