Have you had an accident?

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Claim accident insurance

Yes, I've had an accident with people or transported goods

Ask for liability insurance
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Safety at every turn

Road safety occupies the prime position in couriers' day-to-day lives. Understanding this multifaceted topic inside out, here you will find safety guides to keep you up to speed with safety precautions

Be one step ahead

Road safety hinges on more than our own actions. Outside factors can step into our safe space and cause predicaments. At Glovo, we have made it our mission to anticipate the unexpected with specialised safety information

Protection to rely on

You having peace of mind while using the app comes first for us. Our partnership with Ferrer & Ojeda takes care of your coverage at all times while delivering through the app.

Damage to you and third parties

You can count on having support if you suffer damage to your belongings or wrongfully cause damage to partners or clients.

Building a safe space

You deserve having the peace of mind that it takes to navigate safely from A to B. For this reason, possibilities to introducing new app features, forming partnerships and developing new services are being constantly explored.

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Count on 24/7 support

You have the support team at your disposal when you need it. When problems come in, they'll help you out.

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Emergency button at your fingertips

If an emergency occurs, the in-app SOS button in the Courier App gets you connected with the emergency number.

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Anti-discrimination process

At Glovo, we push every button to foster a community of inclusivity and solidarity. With zero tolerance for discrimination against gender, race, or sexuality.

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Women's safety calls for change

Violence and harassment have no room at Glovo. The emergency button is the first step towards giving women a safer place.

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