Defensive driving style to stay safe

Road traffic exposes everyone to external influences. Driving defensively gives you the confidence to face potential risks on the road. This guide equips you with defensive driving skills and a far-sighted mindset to help you navigate the road with peace of mind.

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Stay alert and focused

It's important to be well-rested and fully concentrated to be able to react quickly to potential risks

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Apply the 3 - 4 seconds rule

Keeping at least 3 - 4 seconds distance from the vehicle in front, even more in bad weather conditions, is safer.

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Expect mistakes from others

Trust your driving style and not other vehicles to react defensively

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One step ahead

Practice makes perfect – and it's no different on the road. We can connect you with partners that developed safety training to enable you to deliver confidently and calmly on the roads.

Wear protective equipment

Make yourself visible in road traffic and minimise dangers with the right equipment. Always check that your bike has two independent brakes, white front light and red backlight and that your pedals are non-slip and screwed on tightly. Your jackets should have reflectors and wearing a helmet will help prevent head injuries.

person braking the bike
person braking the bike

Emergency button for quick support

Despite a careful and defensive driving style, accidents can unfortunately happen. The Courier App has an in-app emergency button to give you quick access to the emergency call in an unforeseen situation.