The Pledge is our commitment to provide fairer conditions for couriers. By the end of 2023, we will live up to the priorities couriers say are most important: fair wages, wider insurance, equality, and community.

4 challenges, 1 big goal: fairer conditions

Fair Earnings

We know that fair earnings are paramount. In Morocco, we've created a new feature that allows couriers to increase their earnings by reaching delivery levels. In every country, we're exploring ways to give couriers the chance of fairer earnings


We want you to move in a safe space. Introducing complaint forms brings us one step closer to becoming a platform that tackles discrimination and misconduct by customers, partners or agents at its root.

Be up front with policies

A smooth experience works if we're fully open about our policies and proactively communicate them. Blocked accounts are neither in our nor your interest - and still it's essential to create a fair platform. Have you checked out our video explaining why accounts can be blocked?

Open for dialogue

We need to go hand in hand to create an industry that takes every opinion and experience to heart. With monthly focus groups with couriers, we create a space to share concerns about the platform. Make sure you're aware of the upcoming focus group in your city!

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360º Safety

We believe that efficient and fast delivery should never come at the cost of couriers' safety. Regular safety courses are organised to prepare and protect couriers for risky situations. And to help you find peace of mind off the road, Qover and Chubb have upgraded your insurance coverages. Learn more

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Regular safety trainings

Remember, no order is important enough to risk your life. Participating in regular safety courses can help you get the know-how you need to navigate around challenging situations on the road - and keep your life safe.

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Couriers are full of talent and ambition for their future. We have partnered with a learning platform to help you sharpen your skills.

Building on talents

Introducing: "G-Learning". The digital platform offers access to a range of knowledge: whether you want to take your Excel skills to the next level or learn business basics, you'll find it here!

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Driving a positive change with The Pledge

As ordering food has become a given, protecting couriers falls behind. We know that Glovo and other platforms across the industry have to commit to a positive change in order to build an environment for couriers that combines both flexibilty and benefits. Today, we are giving you our word: The Pledge is our commitment to provide fairer conditions for couriers