The money you earn depends on the following:

Base rate

For every order, we pay a fixed price called «base rate», that can vary depending on the city.

Kilometres covered

Your earnings will depend on the number of kilometres you’ve covered.The more kilometres you cover, the more you earn!

Waiting time

After 5 minutes waiting in the store, you will receive a fixed amount of money per minute.

Extra address

If there is a change of address after the order has been accepted, you will receive an extra payment to compensate you.

Variable economic promotion
Extra for rain

When it rains in your city, the extra for rain will automatically be activated. You don’t need to contact support to let them know. We have systems that alert us about rain and storms, so when it starts raining you will see the extra earnings active in your app.


You can see them in the “Challenges” tab on the lower navigation bar in the app.
Tap a challenge to see all the details you need to reach the goal (description, rules, levels and time period).
After every order you complete that falls under the ongoing challenge, the progress bar in the “Challenges” section will update automatically, so you can see your progress in real time.

Make the most of these extras to boost your earnings!

You can always check your summaries in your Glover app to check the details of each order.

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