The Refer a Friend programme for couriers allows you to earn money for each friend you friend you bring to collaborate with Glovo.

To refer a friend, you will have to visit this page and enter the email address you have associated to your Glovo account. Once you click the button, you’ll receive an email with a unique link, the reward to pay in the current month and the instructions to continue with the process.

There are certain variables that can change each month, like the eligible vehicles for the reward, the amount to pay or the minimum number of orders needed to be able to get the money. It will all be well detailed in the email you receive.

Also remember that, for both of you to get the money, your friend should carry out the orders requested in the email in the timeframe stipulated, since this registers them on Glovo.

Any more questions?

You can find more information on the same page where you get the code, or in the email you receive after requesting your unique link.

Get your unique link here