Meknes, Morocco
Meet Zakaria El Fayk
Finder's Reward: Endless gratitude

"A few years ago, when Zakaria first strapped on his backpack and knocked on a customer's door with his first order, he knew his day to day life would never be boring. Moving back and forth in the hustle and bustle of the city between restaurants, supermarkets, offices and apartment buildings brings him close to the reality of people. It is a mirror of the society of his city. One day, as he was finishing an order and headed back, he lived a moment he won't forget"

"I was finishing my delivery and on the way back, I found a small bag on the road the caught my attention. It was a lost bag carrying money, and ID card and bank cards"

Imagining the shock the woman must have felt when she noticed that she had lost her bag is something Zakaria doesn't want to think about. He is determined to find the owner of the bag.

"When I saw the ID card, I knew the owners' address which was close to where I found the bag. Still dressed in the Glovo equipment, I made my way to the address and knocked on her door"

The woman was surprised to find a courier at her door. Decisively she said that she hadn't ordered anything. This moment made Zakaria grin, because when he took out her lost bag, he saw the relief that fell from her shoulders. After he double-checked that the women matched the name on her ID card, she took her bag with gratitude and excitement.

"I felt good to make such a big impact with a small gesture. It makes me proud to have helped to show that couriers are honest people"

Thank you for standing up

Courage requires one thing above all: Bravery. Bravery to face a challenging situation. We are proud to have couriers who stand up for their community and help out where they can. Thank you to Youssef,Vasilije, and Zakaria. Thank you to every single courier who steps in and won't turn a blind eye.