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Courier Booking Zones

22nd May 2024 · 6'

Why is the city divided into zones?

The city is divided into zones, so you’ll mainly receive orders in or near your selected booking zones. This allows you to have shorter distances to travel and deliver more orders. It also allows you to choose where to start and end your slot.

Can I book slots in different zones throughout the day?

Yes, you can have slots in multiple zones throughout the day. However, you’ll need to leave a time gap between time slots in the calendar to ensure you get to your next booked zone on time.

Why are some zones getting more orders than others?

Zones may get different orders, but the number of couriers in each zone is adapted to the volume of orders of the zone. This means that couriers in each zone should get a similar amount of orders.

Will orders from other zones be assigned?

You may be assigned orders from other zones depending on how busy different zones are.

What should I do if the order is in one zone, and I am in another at the moment?

If you are assigned orders from other zones, please accept them as you would any other order. This may happen if one zone is busier than another one. You will continue to receive orders and not be penalized for doing so.

Where should I position myself inside the zone?

It’s always best to position yourself near the most popular stores inside your zone. If you move outside of the zone booked, you’ll have less probability of getting orders.

Will I have to check-in in every zone when delivering?

No, you will only need to check into the zone you booked at the beginning of your slot.

Will different zones have different earnings?

No, all zones are paid the same.