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Jun 3, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024

Get rewards with every delivery

Explore Glovo+, an exciting rewards program designed to support you both on and off the road.

Earn 1 point for each delivery and get access to exclusive rewards as you climb tiers.

How to get started


You get 1 point for 1 completed delivery


Accumulate enough points to get to the next tier

Get Rewards

Enjoy exclusive rewards once you reach a new tier

Discover the rewards

The more points you collect, the better your Glovo+ rewards will get. And remember, no need to trade in points – they keep accumulating!

Check what you can get Aug 31, 2024
Bronze reward

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  • Basic Insurance
  • 50% off phone holders
Silver reward

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  • Basic Insurance
  • Free rain jacket
Gold reward

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  • Basic Insurance
  • Keeping cancelled orders
  • N23,400 fuel discount
  • Early calendar access
Diamond reward

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  • Basic Insurance
  • Extra early calendar access
  • Keeping cancelled orders
  • N39,900 fuel discount
  • +N39,000 Delivery Guru
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How to get your rewards

Automatic an-app

App-related benefits are applied automatically; no action needed!

Requesting non-app rewards

For non-app rewards like materials, you need to fill out the form on the redemption page

Frequent questions

You earn 1 point for each completed delivery. The more deliveries you make, the more points you accumulate and the higher your tier and rewards.

You can easily monitor your Glovo+ Rewards progress by registering and logging in to our website. Once you're logged in, you'll have access to your personal dashboard where you can view your accumulated points, your current tier, and how many more points you need to reach the next tier.

You'll automatically unlock rewards when you reach a new tier. For physical rewards (e.g. backpacks), simply pick them up. If it's vouchers, you can redeem them using a code. Rewards depend on the points you earn until the program ends

Yes! You will keep the rewards up to 3 months after the program finished.

Order goals can vary between cities because each place has its own level of demand and order numbers. The goal is to make sure our loyalty program is fair for everyone. By setting goals that match your city, we make it easier for you to earn rewards based on what's happening in your area.

Discover the rewards