Thirst for knowledge: 3 couriers challenge their skills

The daily routine of delivery puts couriers' skills to the test every day. You memorise the streets of the city, treat customers and partners with empathy, and have a knack for planning.

For some couriers, that's just the beginning. The free learning platform G-Learning is a stepping stone for them to sharpen skills. It's the foundation to make the next step in their career.

Meet Mohamed, Andrey and Chyngyz and find out how the G-Learning platform is paving the way for their dreams.

Casablanca, Morocco
Meet Mohamed
Exploring new opportunities
Yerevan, Armenia
Meet Andrey
A future dream in his pockets
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Meet Chyngyz
Laying the foundation for his visions
Free learning platform for couriers

We know that couriers are hungry for knowledge. We know that couriers are thirsty for knowledge. And satisfying the appetite for learning shouldn't come at a cost. We give couriers free access to G-Learning, a learning platform that offers access to online courses.

You can brush up on your English, sharpen your Excel skills or get into the mood for entrepreneurship. And much more!

The best part: it's free!

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