Podgorica, Montenegro
Meet Vasilije
Donation appeal for his mother

Vasilije is just on the verge of youth and adulthood when he feels ready to start his first full-time job. Equipped with a yellow backpack and his car, he dives into the workday from morning to night. It's the little things that make him happy in his day to day. Arriving at the partner with the order ready to be picked up, or the moment of bliss driving in a wave of green traffic lights

"My mother has been ill for some years. To financially support her, I started working as a courier 1 year ago"

Unlike other young people, Vasilije did not start his job for material motivation, instead he started it to take financial burden off his mother's shoulder. When his mother fell ill a few years ago, it was clear to him that he had to stand by her side. He decided to become a courie that gives him the financial base he needs and freedom to own his time. This allows him to take his mother to the doctor or keep her company whenever he wishes.

Treatment abroad creates a financial challenge for him

For Vasilije's mother, there is a ray of hope: a treatment abroad can ease her illness with an appropriate treatment. With no hesitation, Vasilije will push every button needed to get his mother the treatment she has been waiting for. He has made it his mission to raise the money

"I have been on the roads as a courier for more than 1 year. By now I know every courier in my city"

Vasilije knows that he cannot handle the expensive treatment abroad on his own. So he started an appeal for donations in delivery groups on Viber, hoping for support.

"Within a short time I had raised the money needed for my mother's treatment"

A wave of support and compassion came his way in the delivery groups. Thanks to the generosity among the courier community, he has managed to collect enough money to pay for his mother's treatment abroad.

I couldn't believe that so many people responded and I really felt good, as if I had someone to rely on in a difficult situation

To this day, this moment gives him goose bumps. Knowing that he can rely on his colleagues fills him with so much gratitude. He says thank you to every single courier who has supported him.

Thank you for standing up

Courage requires one thing above all: Bravery. Bravery to face a challenging situation. We are proud to have couriers who stand up for their community and help out where they can. Thank you to Youssef,Vasilije, and Zakaria. Thank you to every single courier who steps in and won't turn a blind eye.

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