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Thanks for your collaboration

For the past two years, couriers have played a central part in helping to combat the pandemic. Thank you for navigating us through the pandemic!

Staying healthy

With health and hygiene tips in your bag, you can face deliveries while staying protected. Learn more

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Deliver with masks

The key to keeping your health in check is to keep your mask on and your hand sanitiser with you at all times. Wash your hands regularly. If possible, avoid direct contact with partners or customers.

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Door to door delivery

Customers can fill in the option "deliver to door" so that you can keep a safe distance when dropping off the food

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Safety advice for customers

Showing care is paramount during pandemic. Safety tips guide customers on how to keep you safe during delivery.

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Follow the safety guidelines

Don't forget to follow the safety tips of your public health authorities. In case of illness, please follow their guidelines.


Financial support during Covid

The Covid Fund has helped couriers navigate through the pandemic with peace of mind for two years. Until April 2022, couriers have received financial support to recover from their Covid infection.

We're thankful that the fund has been able to support almost 600 couriers!

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