If your account has been blocked, it’s probably because we have detected fraudulent behaviour. We’re very cautious about fraud at Glovo and we want to avoid practices that can harm the overall dynamics of the platform as much as possible. The main reasons for blocked accounts are:

The use of bots to book slots
Buying slots from other couriers (both parties will be blocked)
Account rentals/Identity fraud
Stealing orders and/or products sent through shipment
Rude or disrespectful attitude towards users, Partners o Glovo employees
Fraud related to faking the distance (km) or waiting times of an order
Not following instructions to return the cash balance when instructed to do so
Transportation of illicit goods
The use of false documents to create an account
Missing documents after a certain period of time after the account is created
Not complying with the local regulations regarding data protection

Only use this contact form if your account has been blocked and you can't use the app. Otherwise, please contact us through the app.

As an independent contractor, you can stop your collaboration with Glovo whenever you want. All you have to do is stop booking hours and delivering orders, and that’s it. But before doing so, please check the section “Material” to know what to do with your backpack and other materials you might have with you.
If you ever decide to resume your collaboration, we’ll be here.

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