Delivering using Glovo
Delivering using Glovo


The bag can be opened from the top and the front.

It’s expandable

You can carry it on your back while it’s shrink or expand it and attach it to your motorbike.

Use the compartments

The flooding panels allow you to keep separated the hot from the cold and also to maintain drinks in a vertical position.

It has adjustable straps

The lateral straps allow to attach it to a motorbike without the need of an extra element which can damage it and make it troublesome to use.

If you deliver the order in a good shape and time, the client will rank you better. Here you have some tips that we advise you to follow in order to achieve this:

Use the internal panels for:

  1. Keep separated the hot from the cold.
  2. Keep separated the food from the drink.
  3. Keep drinks in a vertical position.

While transporting food everyday, your bag may get damaged. In order to avoid that, you should clean it with a damp cloth at the end of the day.

25 minutes before your slot starts you will receive a check-in notification on your mobile phone. Click on the notification or open the Courier App to confirm that you will be available during your booked slots.

Should your Courier App be frozen or not working properly, try these three steps:

Check that your internet connection is working
Close the Courier App also from the background and open it again
Turn your phone off and on

Still can’t log in? Please delete and reinstall the Courier App.

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