If you need to update any information about your account, just go to the “Profile” section of your app, then open “Contact Support”. Click on the “Profile / Materials” option and then on “Personal information”.

You will see a list of options. All you need to do is select the information you want to update. Make sure to always select the correct option, as choosing the wrong one might delay the process.

Bank account/IBAN :

if you need to change the bank account where you receive your payment

City/country :

select this option if you want to check the possibility of changing the city or country where you deliver orders. Bear in mind that this is subject to legal conditions, documentation and local legislation.

Email :

if you need to update the email linked to your account

Vehicle :

in case you want to change the type of vehicle you are using to deliver orders

Password :

if you need to change the password for your account in your app

Others :

select this reason if there’s any other information in your profile that you want to update.