Yerevan, Armenia
Meet Andrey
A future dream in his pockets

When Andrey came to Armenia a few months ago, he had neither a job nor could he speak Armenian or English. Giving up, however, is not an option for Andrey. He came to Armenia to build his life base and to grow his future dreams.

“Being a courier is interesting, yet it is not the limit for me”

Delivering with Glovo was his gateway to a new life in Armenia - and his step into a society that was foreign at first. In the past, he served in the Russian army for 7 years. A time that wasted one's youth. Today, he regained his freedom delivering and enjoys meeting kind customers every day. While delivering gives him pleasure, he feels there's more he wants to achieve.

“I want to soak up every piece of information”

Even though he admits to sometimes being "lazy", he is eager to soak up every bit of information he can get. When he heard about G-Learning's free courses, Andrey didn't waste any time and signed up.

“What can I lose? I can only gain!”

And so, following a busy day at work, he motivated himself to take IT courses on G-Learning. Looking to the future, Andrey envisions himself working in the IT industry though he has to get the basics down first.

“It was anything but easy. I was confused, sometimes frustrated. After imitating everything the teacher showed me in the course, I slowly understood it. It was interesting and that motivates me!”

“I created a bot, made an app and created a database”

After many hours on the learning platform, he managed to build up a portfolio of IT areas. From bots to an app and database, he has learned the basics through the course. Andrey has managed to lay your foundation for his dream industry.

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Free learning platform for couriers

We know that couriers are hungry for knowledge. We know that couriers are thirsty for knowledge. And satisfying the appetite for learning shouldn't come at a cost. We give couriers free access to G-Learning, a learning platform that offers access to online courses.

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