Casablanca, Morocco
Meet Mohamed
Exploring new opportunities

When Mohamed imagines himself in the future, he pictures his career as a developer at Google. He's always been enthusiastic about challenging his skills and thinking outside the box. With G-Learning he has found a free platform that allows him to unlock new possibilities and dive into topics he hasn't had any access to before. He says:

“Even if you spend just 20 minutes a day on G-Learning, you will change your life and your perspective”

Refresh knowledge, gain new skills

Thirsty for knowledge, he has always been eager to stretch his skills.

While he started out studying on platforms like Coursera and Udemy, he now spends his spare time on G-Learning. To him it's key to be able to look beyond the surface of delivering and broaden the horizon oh what else is out there. With G-Learning, he's exposed to knowledge that he hasn't learned in school before.

The best thing is that G-Learning is free!

One course unlocks the other

If Mohamed had two skills to pick up, it would be C++ and basic English. There are many courses in English available that interest him, motivating him to improve his English and, in turn, his communication skills.

“Learning English will unlock more opportunities”

Couriers are jumping from one conversation to the other. Socialising is part of being a courier and so he's trying to add English to his communication skills to be able to connect with more customers. That's when he realises that he starts translating his cognitive skills from theory into practice.

Future dream: Google

“Mohamed has his goal set: he wants to become a pro developer at Google. For this, he has been taking classes and started preparing his journey. He wishes there'd be a programming course coming on G-Learning soon so that he can start building up his next career move.”

We wish Mohamed all the best!

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Free learning platform for couriers

We know that couriers are hungry for knowledge. We know that couriers are thirsty for knowledge. And satisfying the appetite for learning shouldn't come at a cost. We give couriers free access to G-Learning, a learning platform that offers access to online courses.

You can brush up on your English, sharpen your Excel skills or get into the mood for entrepreneurship. And much more!

The best part: it's free! -