Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Meet Chyngyz
Laying the foundation for his visions

At 26, Chyngyz has the world at his fingertips. He has been delivering as a courier with the Glovo app for 4 months, and is at the same time eager to put his knowledge to the test.

“There are no limits to knowledge”

When he heard about G-Learning offering free online courses for couriers, Chyngyz didn't think twice about taking the opportunity. He is always looking for something new, more knowledge, more education and jumps straight into the IT course. He believes that the IT industry is the future. So, why should he pass up the opportunity?

“I have not missed a course”

Chyngyz enrolled in the "No Code" course to challenge his coding talents and get a foothold in the IT world. For him, it is the perfect balance between working as a courier and continuing his education.

What are your future dreams?

Chyngyz says he dreams of opening an online store, where he can save people's time with his customer service. With the "No Code" course, he has laid the foundation to build an online store. What's next? He'll continue with the "Startup School" course in the near future. Good luck, Chyngyz!

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Free learning platform for couriers

We know that couriers are hungry for knowledge. We know that couriers are thirsty for knowledge. And satisfying the appetite for learning shouldn't come at a cost. We give couriers free access to G-Learning, a learning platform that offers access to online courses.

You can brush up on your English, sharpen your Excel skills or get into the mood for entrepreneurship. And much more!

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