Casablanca, Morocco
Meet Youssef
Lifesaver during delivery

Youssef has worked as a courier since July 2021. He meets different people day in, day out, and finds himself often in situations of helping others.

When Youssef started his slot to deliver that morning, he had no idea that he would become a lifesaver that day.

"I was delivering an order as usual, I reached the delivery point and I went up the stairs. Suddenly I found a lady laying down on the second floor, fainting. She could barely speak, and I hardly understood she was going through asthma attack."

It is a moment of shock that makes the body function autonomously. Although Youssef has never experienced an asthma attack, he insistently knew what to do. Quick-witted, he dropped his backpack and was ready to help.

"Urgently, I searched her bag and found the needed medicine"

After the woman inhaled her asthma spray and regained consciousness after a couple of breaths, Youssef's sense of shock slowly wore off. Youssef was at the right time, in the right place. Thanks to his help, he was able to guide the woman through the asthma attack and bring her back to consciousness.

"Once she recovered she thanked me for saving her life. I had a great feeling about myself that day".

Youssef helps people every day, yet the day he saved a life will always remain in his memory.

Thank you for standing up

Courage requires one thing above all: Bravery. Bravery to face a challenging situation. We are proud to have couriers who stand up for their community and help out where they can. Thank you to Youssef,Vasilije, and Zakaria. Thank you to every single courier who steps in and won't turn a blind eye.

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