In the midst of war: The Stories of Ukrainian Couriers

Ukraine is going through one of the most difficult episodes in its history. At a time of a mass exodus of the Ukrainian population to safer areas, many are those who remain, by choice or by imposition, and witness the horrors that plague their streets.

Five couriers take us with them to see Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Lviv, and Kryvyi Rih through their eyes. This is the story of Ukrainian couriers, amidst future plans and new realities.

The Story of Yurii Huzenko
On the brink of future plans and new realities
The Story of Serhij Siedykh
Life before the war
The Story of Sergey Shakhrai
Plans and dreams are on hold
The Story of Bogdan Charkovskiy
A birthday in the midst of the Russian invasion
Kryvyi Rih.
The Story of Oleksiy Kalinichenk
Kryvyi Rih., a peaceful place in the heart of Ukraine
Thanks to all couriers in Ukraine

Yurii, Sergey, Serhij, Bogdan & Oleksiy are five out of many couriers in Ukraine who, on a daily basis, bring hope to those who open the doors of their homes or wait for them in metro stations to get their medicines. Today we get to know them a little closer, in their most personal side, like the city eyes that never stop looking.

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