The perfect blog for you has arrived

Jul 15, 2019 · 2 min

What’s a blog? What’s it for? Should I read it?

Dear Courier, Yessss, you should read it! This is a specialised space on the site, thought and made with you in mind. We’ll have some entries written by Arnold, a veteran courier who will share his expertise to help you perform your best. You’ll find interesting articles and posts with valuable information that will help make your life as a courier easier. Think of it as an online newspaper just for you.

Is there stuff you don’t understand? Would you like to have further information about benefits and perks? Or do you just want to give us your opinion about something and help us improve? Well, this is the place.

We want you to be totally informed, so we will share news, success stories, interesting articles, guides, and all the benefits you could have. We will also share info about new partners, tips and tricks to improve your metrics, and how to get more orders and increase your earnings. Most importantly, any questions or doubts you have will be solved on the Couriers’ Web. 

We really hope this new space helps improve your experience as a Courier, and that you enjoy it and find it useful.