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What to Know When Delivering Age-Restricted Products

22nd May 2024 · 1'

It’s possible that some deliveries may contain age-restricted products. This can be alcohol and cigarettes, for example, that can be ordered through Glovo.

Remember that according to local regulations it’s needed to check that the customer is old enough to buy these products before handing them over.

Why is important to check the age
When delivering age-restricted items, it’s important to be responsible. To keep people safe, you might need to check how old the customer is by looking at their ID card. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are not delivering to someone under the legal age limit. Here are some easy ways to do this.

Remember that not everyone looks their age, so you can feel free to ask for ID to verify a customer’s age.
1. You can match the picture.
2. In case the person is under 18, you can always reach out to customer support to cancel the order.

What you can do when age verification fails
If a customer is unable to provide a valid ID, is underage or not willing to show the ID, you are the only one responsible if you hand over the item. If you want to decline the order, you can contact support, that will help you with the cancellation.

You can go to Support>Accidents and offences > Report illegal activities