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Improved: Bundled Orders -FAQ

13th June 2024 · 2'

What are bundled orders with 2 pick-up points?
Bundled orders allow you to pick up up to 2 orders from different partners. This way orders can be bundled optimally!

How do bundled orders with two pick-up points work?

“You get your bundled order.
You can receive a bundled order with two pick-up points in two different ways:

Option 1
You receive bundled orders with two pick-up points from the beginning.

Option 2
You receive a single order but while you picked up the first order, it becomes a bundled order with an additional pick-up point. In that case, you will receive a notification.”

How is the process?
“At the first Partner’s store
In the delivery overview screen you will see which pick-up point (in yellow) you should go first.

At the second Partner’s Store
After you have marked the first order as collected, you can move to the second partner’s store.
Don’t worry about the weight! The app will make sure the bundled orders don’t exceed the limit, so you can easily carry them in your backpack.

At the first delivery point
The app will tell you which delivery point that you should go to first. Please check that you’re giving the customer the right order. In order to increase efficiency, the first delivery point is always on the way of the second one.

In the second delivery point
If the customer asks you about bundled orders, you can advise them to contact support for more information.
Be aware that cancellation of either of the order may still occur. In that case, you will receive a notification telling you which order was cancelled. The other order will continue as usual.”

How many orders will I receive in the same delivery?
Bundled orders are limited. You will not have more than 2 pick-up and 2 delivery points in the same delivery.