Undertaking on wheels: 3 stories of Glovo couriers turned entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a concept that has been part of our DNA since 2015 when our CEO Oscar Pierre started the adventure of what is now Glovo.

The road to entrepreneurship takes courage to translate ideas into actions.

As a sample of this spirit, we talked to Margarita (owner of 'Menta y Limón' in Spain), Jonathan (owner of 'Ruta 9' in Portugal), and Brian (owner of 'Beijing Restaurant' in Kenya) about their experiences of entrepreneurship among couriers. Personal stories with very different backgrounds but with a common goal, to set up their own business.

Barcelona, Spain
Meet Margarita
Owner of 'Menta y Limón'
Porto, Portugal
Meet Jonathan
Owner of ‘Ruta 9’
Nairobi, Kenya
Meet Brian
Owner of ‘Beijing Restaurant’ chain
Rooting for couriers' growth

During the years since then, Glovo has introduced initiatives that empower couriers to develop their professional skills.

The digital learning platform G-Learning offers free access to online courses and Busuu connects couriers to the world's languages. Entrepreneur Bootcamps were held in Kenya, guiding couriers on their first steps as business owners.