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Introducing An Improved Earning Structure

17th June 2024 · 2'

The new earning structure for couriers has been in place as of the 1st of November. Great news: the overall impact on courier earnings is positive!

What has changed?
What does this mean:
Fair income, same commitment: you’ll earn a fair amount, or at least keep the same, amount for the same level of commitment and time
Minimum earnings of 80 kes: Couriers will receive a minimum of 80 kes for each order.
Above the required minimum: Every order ends up higher than the minimum compensation suggested by the labour organization due to certain incentives.
Compensation starts at starting position: Couriers get paid for the distance from start to finish instead of pick-up and delivery address
Automatic bonuses: Couriers get automatic bonuses in high-demand hours or bad weather

The new earning structure
All this will be possible thanks to the inclusion of some new variable components to be added to the payment structure already in place, which provides a starting point (base), to which the payment for the distances travelled (KM) and for the time are added waiting (WT)

Couriers can always view the details of the various payment components in the Courier App.
Important: remember that the bonuses for rain and high demand will be calculated and added automatically. Couriers won’t have to do anything.
Attention: The Bonuses will be visible in the Courier App only at the daily summary and period summary level, always starting from the day following the delivery of the order
We invite couriers to check the daily earnings in the coming weeks to be able to notice the benefits of this change. However, if there are any doubts, visit the Couriers’ Website or Glover center to find more details on the new payment structure at the following link
Do not forget to update the app to see this change correctly and, in case of further doubts, please contact Glovo Team in the app via email