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5 Essentials For Road Safety In The Rain

13th June 2024 · 2'

Delivering by bike in the rain challenges you to get safely from A to B despite wet roads – while trying to keep food from spilling.

We’ve got some tips that make the ride smooth even in the rain. Ready?
The right equipment is essential
When it comes to cycling in the rain, the proper equipment is key.

1. Get a waterproof jacket: A good waterproof jacket will keep you dry and adapt to your body temperature. With a breathable fabric like Gore-Text, you can be sure you won’t get too hot or too cold.

2. Wear a rain cap: Large rain caps are typically inexpensive and can be worn under your helmet. This gives you extra barrier when the rain is pouring in your direction. Sometimes rain caps are big enough to fit over your backpack.

3. Carry a plastic bag: Always have a plastic bag with you. When you pick up or drop off your delivery, you can drape it over the seat to keep the seat dry. Even more, you can put plastic bags over your feet to keep them dry.

4. Attach lights: In the rain and possibly in the dark, sight is drastically reduced. To make sure that other road users can see you, be sure to clip LED lights or high quality lights to your bike and wheels. Flashing LED lights can give you extra visibility.

5. Have mud guards: To keep the dirt off your wheels on wet roads, your bike should have mud guards to keep the water from the road off your feet, legs or back.”