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Blocked and disabled accounts: How does it work?

17th July 2024 · 3'

We want couriers, customers and partners to use a fair platform. To meet the standard, it needs clear guidelines and conditions for all participants.

What’s the process for blocking accounts? And how can I take action against it? Let’s walk you through it.

Why are accounts blocked?

It is important that you understand why accounts might be blocked or disabled. Have you watched the video yet? It’ll give you full transparency! Make sure to check it out.



How to know if your account will be blocked or disabled

If we spot any inappropriate behaviour or fraud on your account, you will receive warnings via email and push notifications.

Here’s what you can expect:

1st warning – SMS

You’ll get the first warning via SMS, explaining what problem has been detected with your account. This will give you the chance to adjust your behaviour.

2nd warning – SMS with a 48-hour / 72-hour block

You’ll get a warning via SMS about the infringement. This gives you 48 to 72 hours to reorganise to improve your behaviour in the future.

You may also receive an invitation to a follow-up training session. There, you can address issues you’re facing with your delivery and get tips on how to work better together.

3rd warning – 7-day block

You’ll get another warning via text message. This time, you have 7 days to understand the infraction and join a follow-up training session. This will help you find a solution and recall the guidelines.

Block / disabling

This is usually indefinite and the final block. This is usually an indefinite and permanent suspension. You’ll receive an email notifying you of the violation and the reason for the block.

Remember that you’ll get several warnings before your account gets blocked.


How to Appeal

If your account is blocked or disabled, you have the option to appeal against the decision.

This is how it works:

Blocked accounts:

  1. Send an email in the Courier App ( contact support option – blocked app)
  2. or visit the Glover Centre

Please use one of the two options above to appeal the account blocking. Try to include either evidence of unjustified account blocking or explain the reasons why you were not able to fix the problems.

This way, the team has enough time and evidence to review the issue and provide a response via email.

Disabled accounts

You can use the contact form on the Couriers’ Website to appeal.¬†Please send it via the following link and give your version of events and also evidence if applicable:

Contact with Glovo

The email may in some cases include a link for the appeal, giving the order numbers where the infringement was found.

Please go through the orders and raise the complaint using the link provided in the email.

Glovo wants to ensure that all couriers are able to make their voices heard. It is important that couriers have the chance to challenge decisions that affect the collaboration.