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Booking zones in your city

22nd May 2024 · 1'

As you plan your schedule, you will now book your slots by zones. This allows you to decide in which booking zone you want to pick up and deliver orders. Booking slots by zones saves you the hassle of travelling long distances and allows you to deliver more orders in a shorter time.
Try it out now and book your hours!

Plan your schedule by booking zones
“When you open your calendar, you will see the slots split into zones to plan your schedule.

By clicking on your preferred zone, you can plan your slots as usual.
Hint: The higher your Excellence Score, the sooner you will have access to the most popular areas!

Keeping same zones for consecutive slots

Back-to-back slots need to stay in the same zone.
Want to deliver to different areas throughout the day?
No problem! You will need to leave a time gap between time slots in the calendar to ensure you get there on time.