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Why you should use the best possible GPS route

11th December 2023 · 2'

Earnings are made up of a base price and a kilometre price depending on how far the GPS tells you to travel. It’s important that you follow the route suggested by the app.

We know that some couriers try to bypass the GPS system and drive longer distances – and therefore claim more earnings.

The bad news: it’s not that simple. The efficient KM fraud tool can detect exactly when couriers are deliberately driving more kilometres. If there is a suspicion of fraud, you will receive a warning via text message. Remember, after 6 warnings, your account may be blocked.

When will I get a warning for misuse of the GPS?
Our system suspects misuse of GPS in the following scenarios.

1. Courier drives a route as long as possible
Instead of the suggested route, a significantly longer route is chosen to gain an unfair advantage. Although there is a safer, faster and shorter route already shown by Google Maps from the starting point to the delivery point of the order. For example, when delivering an order XYZ, Glovo gives an estimated distance of 3 km and you end up covering 6 km, which is twice the distance to the partner or customer.

2. Waiting time is filled with driving around
Another case is where a courier tries to fool Google Maps into thinking the distance is artificially high by driving under bridges or on overpasses while waiting for an order.
The last scenario is where a courier uses a mobile app to falsify the actual location so that they state they are 5km away from the partner, when in fact they are only 1km away from the partner.
If couriers are strategically located near (but not actually on) a highway when taking orders, this could lead Google to believe that they have to travel a much longer distance than is actually the case.

How can I prevent misusing the GPS?
Don’t worry, as long as you use the suggested route you should stay clear of suspicion.

Here are 4 tips:

1. Make sure your GPS/data device is activated and working properly.
2. Avoid using apps that give untrue location information.
3. Avoid positioning yourself at subways to avoid longer distances.
4. Use the best possible route.

What to do in case of GPS fraud flagging and account blocking?
If it is not fraud, you can appeal! You will receive an email with a form that you can use for your complaint.