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More information on 3PL / “fleet”

13th June 2024 · 3'

3PLs provide transport ( bicycles) to their employees who happen to be the riders on the platform.
They determine the number of days the riders are required to work/collaborate with the Glovo platform e.g. some 6 days, some 4 days some 5 days. They also inform them of the payment or dues they will receive at the end of the payment period which could be weekly or monthly and thereafter sign a contract with their riders (employees).
On the platform, the 3PL riders are paid a fixed amount per order. However, their employers are the ones then deduct the operating costs and pay them their dues as agreed in the contract.
Couriers have raised several concerns regarding the recently introduced 3PLs and we have addressed the concerns listed below.

Are the 3PL couriers guaranteed slots?
No. They are not.
They are required to ensure they book slots and show up on time just as the independent contractors.

Are they exempted from fleet management and account blocking?
No. They are required to follow the same terms and conditions as the independent contractors . They are also subject to the same fleet management actions/ penalties as the independent couriers and some have been blocked as penalty.

Does the introduction of 3PLs lead to account blocking of the independent couriers in order to remove them?
No. This is not the case.
The introduction of 3PLs is purely a cost optimization measure by Glovo. The independent couriers are encouraged to continue collaborating as normal.
Penalties are applicable across the whole fleet regardless of whether they are 3PL or independent couriers and no one is being targeted.

3PL couriers are getting all the orders and independent couriers don’t get orders.
This is false.
In Glovo there is no manipulation of order assignment and acceptance by the teams. The current system works independent of human intervention in regard to order assignment.

Earnings per day have reduced. Is this because of 3PL?
No. earnings are dependent on the number of orders done if a courier does 4 orders in 4 hours as opposed to 7 orders in 4 orders, then the earnings will naturally be affected and end up being less.

3PL couriers are not ranked using the Excellence Score.
This is false
The 3PL couriers are ranked just as the independent couriers using the excellence score and are required to ensure they check in on time, avoid no shows/unbookings, avoid reassignments and also try to push for positive customer ratings as they are ranked just as the independent couriers because the Glovo platform is not aware of which courier is a 3PL courier and which one is an independent courier.

Can couriers who already have electric bikes be allowed to continue collaborating as independent couriers?
Yes. They can.
All they need to do is inform the Glovo office for a change of vehicle type on the platform

What are the steps to join a 3PL?
Kindly visit the office for further information on this .

Do you have any other burning questions? Feel free to share them here or ask at a Glover center near you.