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Simplified support overview in the app ?

24th February 2024 · 3'

Following your feedback, we’ve worked towards improving your support experience. This is why we’ve updated the support section of the app. You’ll find it easier to select the suitable contact option that fits your issue.

What’s new?

“We’ve simplified the support overview by slimming down the list of options you can choose from. Don’t worry, you can still find an answer for every issue. In fact, you’ll see them organized into clearer categories.

If you go to Profile > Support, you will notice:
– a simple, straightforward way to select a suitable contact reason
– clearer language
– more intuitive selection

This makes it easier for you to find the right reason to contact us.

How do I find the right contact reason?

Let us walk you through the contact reasons:

Option 1: You have an ongoing order: Read more   https://delivery.glovoapp.com/ke/blog/simplified-support-overview-in-the-app/


Option 2: You have a problem apart from an order.


1. Accidents and offenses
If you’ve had an accident or faced offenses, please select this.

Report bad behavior: You want to report bad behavior or an offense by an agent, partner, customer, or another courier
Report illegal activities: You suspect a possible fraudster and/or they may be trying to send/purchase illegal items

2. Delivery
If you need help related to your deliveries or profile.

Update profile: You want to update some of the information on your profile
Remove slots: You want to remove slots or inform them you cannot collaborate during some booked slot
My slot is red: You want to know why you have an absence
Equipment: You need help with material (Glovostore, Replace/Return, Deposit…)
Delete account: You want to stop delivering with Glovo

3. Earnings
Select this if you have problems with your earnings.

My earnings

KM earnings review: You want to review the Kms of an order
Promo review: You have questions about extra earnings through promos and adjustments
Daily-earnings review: You want to review the daily earnings
Invoice issues: You have questions related to your invoices or summaries of orders
Cash deposit or withdrawal: You have questions about the process of cash deposit or cash withdrawal
Glovo card issues: You have issues with the courier payment card (e.g. Pin forgotten, lost, stolen, or ATM issues)

4. App issues
If you have problems with your app, please select this contact reason.

The app is not working: You’re not receiving orders / the app not working
My order disappeared: You’ve had an ongoing order but it’s not shown in the app anymore