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18th July 2024 · 1'

It was Monday afternoon and Johnny was waiting to book his collaborating hours. His Excellence score was not bad and his alarm to book slots had just gone off. He was parked outside the mall and he was happy that it was time to book slots.

When he opened the calendar he was only seeing 3 or 4 open slots and he couldn’t understand why, especially because he had done his best to improve his score.

This is the same scenario many couriers have faced time and time again. The reason is the demand which comes from customers is what determines the number of available hours provided. The number of orders received from customers will always affect the number of slots available e.g. in December when there is high demand, many couriers collaborate more, however in January when pockets are dry, they collaborate less due to demand from customers.

In order to have access to a large pool of available hours, the best thing a courier can do is improve the score.

Minimize reassignments
Check-in for slots on time
Avoid abuse of auto correct button
Avoid last minute no-shows / unbookings
Work more HD slots
Good customer service

Couriers who observe all the above have higher chances of accessing more slots especially when there is low demand from customers.